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Whatever we do, we do it together! because together, we all achieve more.

That’s the Power of ONE.

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Book The Power of ONE

As I read, I was touched by this story of humble beginnings from a young man with a hunger to live life out loud. A man who had a vision to create an home where everyone has a voice, everyone wins and everyone matters. I found myself inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that bleeds from the pages of this book. There are those that want to exist and observe and then there are those who want to live life to the fullest. This is a story of the latter!

Clay D.

Discover the difference between results-driven and purpose-driven businesses. Follow an entrepreneur’s personal and intimate journey to success and learn how to identify the key elements that drive your heart, leading you to build your path to success. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself and build legacy before results!

Juan C.

Experience the secret sauce of the fastest growing brand in today’s real estate industry. Beyond an impressive array of tools and resources, this serial entrepreneur’s boundless enthusiasm and genuine passion to serve, paves the way for UNlimited success. In sharing his story and journey, our visionary founder embraces, encourages and exemplifies practical steps necessary to take your career and life to the level you desire. In a world where true collaboration can be hard to come by, our founder walks the talk and stands out as a beacon of commitment and support. Whether it's brainstorming ideas, navigating challenges, or celebrating successes, he’s always there, championing us and providing a better future for tomorrow’s leader’s today.

Kathy B.

Explore the inspiring and authentic journey of an entrepreneur who transitioned from success to significance, placing purpose at the heart of his story. Sharing both the highs and lows, readers witness the transformation from a results-driven approach to a purpose-driven mission, where the core belief revolves around creating a ‘coolture’ that empowers individuals to thrive. This book is not just a guide to success but a compelling tale of creating a lasting legacy through meaningful connections.

Chris A.

What’s inside


What Is The Power of ONE?


ONE Founder’s Story


ONE Leadership: Imagination


ONE Belief


ONE Coolture: Living The Magic


ONE Purpose


ONE Coaching For Success


ONE Winning Mindset


ONE Dream: Owning A Franchise


ONE Voice: Our Franchise Owners


Are YOU The Next ONE?


Chapter 1

UNstoppable: What Is The Power of ONE?

Whatever we do, we do it together because together, we achieve more. That’s the Power of ONE.

ONE is our vision, not just a number. It is who we are and how we conduct ourselves as ONE group united by ONE common goal: to change lives for the better.

Realty ONE Group—the name itself reflects our philosophy—is a global brand with 400 locations in 49 states and in fourteen countries on five continents around the world. Becoming a global brand was our goal when we began over 17 years ago, and today we are living the dream of helping others make their dreams come true, ONE family at a time, ONE home at a time.

The real estate industry was a field ripe for transformation when we opened our doors. Everybody did things the same way and not always for the benefit of the client or the real estate professional. We thought, what if we had ONE vision of how to transform the industry top to bottom, creating workplaces that were fun and alive, where no one “messes with the check” of the real estate professional, where clients got the most ONEderful service, and where service was joy?

This book is intended to share our ONE philosophy—the cornerstone of our business model— with you, whether you are a real estate professional looking for something different, a potential franchisor anywhere on our beautiful planet who dreams of becoming their own CEO, a homeowner or soon-to-be homeowner who wants to find a better way to buy or sell a home, or an individual in any field who wants to see how putting people first creates awesome outcomes for everyONE involved.

If you are an entrepreneur, I’ll show you how we transformed from a bold start-up company to a global brand practically overnight…and how you can achieve the same with your business. Remember, you don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to wake up with a positive mindset, you don’t need to be grateful for anything, and you don’t need to do more that’s required of you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. BUT, you also don’t have to win, and you don’t need to be a success in life to reach for something greater than your today. These chapters ahead will show you how I seized on my own dreams as an entrepreneur to make them into ONE reality—and how, if you choose to do so, you can do it, too.

Initially, I did not have the benefit of mentors or coaches to advise me. I have always been independent and street-smart, as was my dear grandmother. Nevertheless, I hope this book is a mentoring tool for you—the businesspeople with the drive to shape and evolve their organizations; the entrepreneurs with the fire to create; and readers seeking inspiration and self-improvement. One day, I hope you will tell me your story too!

But first…how’d we get here, anyway? Let me tell you my story and the story of this amazing company we are building together…ONE Dream At A Time!


Realty ONE Group is the product of my upbringing, personal ethos, previous job experiences, and entrepreneurial dreams. I did not begin my career thinking I would go into real estate. But I did wake up every morning with ideas swirling around in my mind about doing something innovative that improves people’s lives and makes a difference in the world. Real estate is where I have found my true purpose, ONE family, and ONE home.

I have always had a mindset of winning through hard work. My parents were Polish immigrants, children who were born and raised during World War II in Poland, who instilled in me the value of earning my own way through resilience and effort and an inviolable commitment to respecting others. Growing up, they reminded us that once your freedom is taken away, it’s nearly impossible to get it back.

I call my grandmother Babi, and her strength has kept me grounded when raising me, and now in spirit over the past decade. Babi raised four children as a single mother. She was tough in mind, had a kind soul, and a delicate sense for the world. She was the best cook, but her kitchen magic was never written in recipes. Just like she had no kitchen notebook filled with beloved recipes, she had no playbook for life.

Babi led from the heart, and I learned so much from her. She was generous with her courage and humility, and she first introduced me to the difference between your own storytelling versus the song of your life, which often includes everyone’s else’s voices and heartbeats. I believe that you can continue to lead everyday with gratitude, with your heart, and with love to positively change your life and the lives of those around you. This will allow others to become your best storytellers in return.

When I was 5, I learned English, decided to be a wanderer, and never changed my mind. As a youth, I became a model employee, hustling as I delivered pizza or working other random jobs to earn enough money to put myself through college as the first person in my family to graduate from university. (My parents could not afford the tuition.)

Financial necessity required me to work for someone else, but I also made the time to be a self-employed serial entrepreneur, beginning as a teen buying computers at yard sales, and refurbishing and selling electronics on eBay. But it is difficult to focus on your original ideas and vision when you’re in school, studying for quizzes and writing essays, and working at part-time jobs.

Sustaining and realizing my entrepreneurial dreams was not easy. They do not teach street smarts in American universities, or how to start a business, or money management skills. Instead, you are taught how to continually improve your resume to rise in an employer’s ranks or to find another employer.

It is a big leap from employee to employer; it requires fresh ideas, identifying opportunities and seizing them, and, most importantly, having a fire in your belly. I had that fire. All of us, ALL OF US, with the entrepreneurial spirit have the freedom and flexibility to wake up and shape each day in any way we want, on a daily basis! Freedom, don’t ever take it for granted. Find strength to be honest with yourself, find strength to trust yourself, find strength to love yourself and, as a result, you’ll never give up on yourself. If you do those things, you will inspire others to become your trusted tribe and make the space and possibility for you all to achieve together meaningfully.

After earning a Bachelor of Science at the University of California San Diego, I began a lucrative career as a financial advisor and portfolio manager while continuing to work on computer hardware and software. I was building wealth for young investors (and for myself), but I yearned for more freedom and flexibility. I also wanted to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Real estate is all about relationships, so it was the perfect place for me to fulfill my purpose. What could have a greater life-changing impact on people than opening the door for what is, for most, the most significant purchase of their lives? What could be more important than helping others realize their dream of home ownership?

I left the world of finance and changed my direction to become a real estate agent. It was a very good choice because it paved the way for an even better journey. I worked for a couple of prominent real estate firms for about one-and-a half years and did 111 transactions with more than $30 million in sales! Although I had the freedom and flexibility I had sought, I began experiencing pain points that other real estate agents admitted they felt too. Our firms were making money off our backs and then messing with our checks. That experience motivated my career transition—I knew there was a better, fairer way to conduct a real estate business.

It was time to honor my entrepreneurial spirit. It was time to become an employer instead of an employee.

I saw the potential—and the pitfalls—of the real estate industry when I launched my brokerage firm, Realty ONE Group, in 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. But real estate is a highly competitive business. Many stakeholders are involved in every transaction – multiple real estate professionals, the buyer and the seller, and the brokerage firm – all with different interests. It is also a highly emotional business; a house is usually the most significant, most expensive purchase people make. And a house is not simply a building; it’s a living, breathing space that people call home. To compound matters, the real estate industry always faces dramatic economic shifts with fluctuating markets and interest rates.

During the first couple of years of Realty ONE Group, I went after the critical mass – the total addressable market. My focus was potential revenue, and I experienced success, attracting 250 agents and making $102 million in sales in the first year. How? I was authentic in sharing the personal story of why I launched Realty ONE Group. This story inspired real estate professionals because the vision and accomplishments that comprise who we are and what we value resonated profoundly with them. So we grew as a team and as a brand. We were all about people, not property. In my area in Las Vegas, there were two big competitors. Still, we tripled in size during Year 2.

Then there was a glitch: our expenses went up five-fold. Here is where my lack of formal training in money management kicked in: the cashflow expenses stretched me in a way I was unprepared for. Additionally, the quality of my home life suffered, and my first marriage ended in divorce.

I needed to adjust the balance between my personal life and the relentless pursuit of my entrepreneurial vision. Had I better defined my priorities and managed my daily activities accordingly, I may not have stumbled so badly. I had to brush off my knees, get up, and do things differently and better. I was determined to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

But here is a good point to call out that being tired, and stumbling as you grow, is part of the game, otherwise it’s just an excuse. Successful people are constantly more tired, and it’s normal for high achievers! If you hang around three confident people, three intelligent people, three millionaires, or three idiots…you will be the fourth.

When the brave and bold stumble, cowards rejoice—and nothing feels better to a coward than to watch others trip and fall. Throughout my career, I have known a bunch of people who think and talk negatively, have doubt, and it fires me up because they don’t go the extra mile, study a few more hours, and go deeper. It’s not easy, but everyone has the ability to get off the couch to be better and to do better.

If an eagle ever sees a bird flying at the same altitude that it is flying at, they must be seeing another eagle…because pigeons don’t fly at the altitudes of eagles. If you find yourself flying at the same level as pigeons, then you’re flying too low. Your crowd is a reflection of your future.

As a I grew, and even as I stumbled, I was also determined to beat the odds; my startup would NOT be one of the 90 percent of startups that fail (70 percent fail within the first five years). They do not make it for a variety of reasons, including significant cashflow problems and poor marketing strategies. I established Realty ONE Group in 2005, and we are still growing exponentially!

My entrepreneurial vision continues to evolve. Early on, I realized that despite my financial success, I still didn’t feel I was fulfilling my true purpose. So my north star shifted to how to connect with individuals as an employer to an employee. That’s when Realty ONE Group’s culture began to evolve, and our core values— the 6 C’s—were created as an instrument to articulate the main purpose of ONE: EveryONE matters. The 6 C’s are Coaching, Community, Coolture, Connect, Care, and Commission. Each one signifies a different experience that catalyzes the varied people we serve. Together, these six pillars of our business make it stand strong, and I will discuss each one in depth later.

The foundation of Realty ONE Group’s philosophy is our Coolture (culture + cool), which values unity, respect, and empowerment. Our respect for our real estate professionals and franchisees empowers them to take control of their own professional and personal growth and maximizes their earning potential. Not only does the 100 percent commission structure (with minimal flat fees for transactions, risk management, and office space) distinguish us from competitors but it also ensures that professionals earn what they deserve. Additionally, our free training and proprietary technology platform have enabled our real estate professionals and franchisees to learn and thrive by staying ahead of ever-changing market trends and economic conditions.

Everything we do at Realty ONE Group we do with intentionality. For example, I purposely put “Realty” as the first word in our name, followed by “ONE Group.” Think about many of our competitors’ names. Do you immediately know they are realtors? And many real estate business’s names consist of a few last names, not ONE Group like us. Our identity is clear: We are a team that celebrates each other’s successes!

“ONE” has added significance: “O” forms a circle. It is inclusive and unified. It is continuous, so there are no corners and no hiding. We are OPEN!

Our brand is authentic – it’s the heart and soul of the organization. We value transparency. Unlike other private companies, we are very public about our staff, our financial achievements, our pride, and our community. We openly share on social media because we want our clients to know what to expect and know they will receive what they expect. In today’s business and political environment, authenticity is what people, especially young people, increasingly expect. Gone are the days when the business uniform was a power suit that expressed anonymity and authority. Enter the days of jeans and t-shirts.

Realty ONE Group is a modern lifestyle real estate brand. We connect the company with its people by giving them the freedom, flexibility, and respect I sought for myself when I launched this UNbrokerage. Do you want to work remotely or use our offices? Do you want to own your own business? You have those choices along with our full support.

Like Apple, Lululemon, Nike and other lifestyle brands, we attract professionals who believe in what we do. And much like Apple connects with its users and Lululemon and Nike connect with fitness and health-conscious customers, we connect with our clients, the real estate professionals.

As a result, we continue to grow, and there are two ways to join us. First, we currently have 12 company-owned brokerage offices with 3,000 agents, primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona. Second, we have a rapidly expanding network of franchise operations both in the US and internationally. Find your ONE home with us!

My path as an entrepreneur has lead to some of my best life experiences: to be sometimes afraid, sometimes nervous… and sometimes wondering, am I going to find the next step, or will the next step ruin the progress and the entire outcome?! This is significant: you must take time to create lessons and strength, and to take a moment to close your eyes and to believe deep inside of yourself what’s important. There’s power in reflection AND power in pause.

I believe that you must earn your way and charter your own path… it doesn’t matter what it is! You must dream big with effort… because it is effort that separates successful people from those who are just complainers! Things sometimes go sideways in life, but doubt is toxic!

Your mantra and conviction must be “I’m UNSTOPPABLE! No matter who, what, where… I believe in myself and I AM UNSTOPPABLE!” and as a result you won’t let yourself down. You will fail, but it’simportant to restart the project and the plan, remaking the money you lost and always remembering that you are 90% of your life’s asset—and the remaining 10% can (and will!) be achieved while learning along the way.

Don’t get stuck in your mind, don’t get stuck in the moment… nobody likes being stuck, so get over yourself and take the next step forward starting with your right foot. Get up and go! There is no time for waffling and you should not put yourself in a position of being a victim for any reason. Everything is a learning lesson, an opportunity so get up from the challenging moment and go, continuing to apply effort!

We’re all grateful for something in our lives, but we must be grateful for everything. We can’t pick and choose what we’re grateful for; everything is a gift to learn, to become stronger, to do it together. We must be grateful for all of it! Remember, YOU are the author of your own life!

I invite you to read more about Realty ONE Group’s story – our business model, philosophy, and opportunities – in the following chapters. And remember:

YOU Are The ONE:

  • What motivates YOU?
  • What are YOU looking for in your career?
  • What does ONE mean to you?



This book is intended to share our ONE philosophy—the cornerstone of our business model— with you, whether you are a real estate professional looking for something different, a potential franchisor anywhere on our beautiful planet who dreams of becoming their own CEO, a homeowner or soon-to-be homeowner who wants to find a better way to buy or sell a home, or an individual in any field who wants to see how putting people first creates awesome outcomes for everyONE involved.

Collaborate with Kuba

Whether you’d like to submit feedback on the book as a whole or join the editing team chapter by chapter, let’s create this legacy together!
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About the

Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO And Founder of Realty ONE Group, one of the fastest growing franchisors in the industry. The product of Polish-born parents who raised him to be curious, driven and passionate, Kuba wasn’t satisfied with a lucrative career as a financial planner and portfolio manager or as a successful real estate agent, closing $30 million in sales in his first year. So, he started Realty ONE Group in 2005 with a 100%-commission model and an emphasis on innovation, disruption and fun. He’s won numerous awards and has been recognized for his innovative thinking and leadership.
I hope this book is a mentoring tool for you—the businesspeople with the drive to shape and evolve their organizations; the entrepreneurs with the fire to create; and readers seeking inspiration and self-improvement. One day, I hope you will tell me your story too!


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The Power of ONE is a true reflection of family and collaborative effort! We are inviting everyONE to be part of the process, and soon, we will have the final edition of the book, which will inspire many people around the globe and serve our ONE Purpose. Once we’re ready, you can be ONE of the first to get a physical copy, so save your spot by sharing your info with us.

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The Power of ONE Book

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