Kuba Jewgieniew


When you’ve come from very little, you never forget. I practice gratitude daily and am thankful for what I have at my core – my family, intimate friendships, a company that I’m passionate about and people who share that passion. There’s nothing more important than the opportunity to positively affect people and create change.


This small Fiat is a fixture at the Realty ONE Group Hub in Laguna Niguel, CA. Kuba Jewgieniew’s parents had a two-cylinder, 23-horse-power “Maluch” just like it, during the communist times in Poland. While small and compact, this car was enough to get the family wherever they needed to go. Today, it’s a reminder to all of us to stay humble and to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstances!


As a little boy, Kuba walked down cobblestone streets in a small Polish village overcome by the smell of cooking. It poured out of the tiny homes whose doors were always open. Anyone and everyone was invited in to enjoy a meal. The gracious invitation of open doors stuck with him, which is why you’ll see the theme ‘Opening Doors’ sprinkled throughout Realty ONE Group’s marketing. And it’s the shared passion that inspires our Coolture still today.


Kuba’s a passionate innovator, a dynamic leader and a life-long entrepreneur. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego and was a self-taught financial advisor and computer programmer in his early professional days. Kuba launched a career in real estate and became a Top Producer after just ONE year, closing 111 transactions worth $30M in sales volume. In 2005, he founded Realty ONE Group to become the catalyst for change in the real estate industry, igniting and changing the lives of professionals and their families for the better, worldwide.


Kuba’s parents immigrated from Poland to the United States many decades ago. A number of years later, to show his support and gratitude for the country that gave his family opportunities, his father joined the U.S. Army and was deployed to Korea in the 1950s. His mother was a children’s nurse for over 40 years and she’s the bravest person he’s ever known. Both of his parents worked hard, earned their way to happy and healthy lives and always treated people with the utmost respect.

Kuba’s wife Luba is from Ukraine and is more than just a partner. She’s become a source of wisdom and strength and is his very best friend as they raise their five amazing children.