The shift in more people work remotely has changed some people’s wish lists and wants in home buying. As a result, real estate professionals should adapt their narrative and the way the market homes to include this new normal. Here are four ways remote work can be used as a unique property selling point.

No. 1 — Home Office Space

Since working remotely is now an everyday reality for many, be sure to highlight which rooms can act as dedicated office space and stage them so buyers don’t have to imagine it.

Flex spaces that once were dens, guest rooms, or craft rooms, can now be staged to demonstrate privacy and separation from other potential housemates or family members also working from home. 

No. 2 — Updated Kitchens 

While kitchens have always been a selling factor for a home, the shift to remote work has also created a shift to preparing and eating meals at home. 

Kitchens are again becoming the hub of the home as kids in online school are fixing snacks and lunches and families are cooking more and more from home. Energy-efficient appliances, large workspaces and large pantries will be back on a homebuyer’s list. Eat-in kitchens are a bonus too as families spend more time together preparing and enjoying meals. 

No. 3 — Home Gyms

The coronavirus pandemic has limited the time we can spend at local gyms which means more people are working out at home. Many homes may not have existing gym rooms but creative staging can make room for this as well. Extra bedrooms with adjacent bathrooms become the perfect space for a homebuyer to envision exercising at home. 

Larger garages, too, are ideal for exercise equipment and gym space.

No. 4 — Ample Family Spaces

Work-life balance is at the forefront of many homebuyers’ needs, now more than ever. Like the need for updated kitchens and home gym space, people working from home also need distinct spaces to both work and unwind.

Larger homes that were once a deterrent because of upkeep, are now more attractive for providing ample space. Great rooms are perfect for cozy couches and movie nights and separate formal dining areas can usher in the holidays and other special occasions.

Homes with big yards for barbecues, pools, and grass for kids to play are also a plus so we can do more from home and firepits add even more appeal. 

In this uncertain time, a fresh, new look at a house’s selling features and creative marketing and staging of it will allow homebuyers to envision working and relaxing from home and make the sale.