It’s Time to Run Through Red Lights – FIGURATIVELY of course – And Join the Right Brokerage.

by | Sep 1, 2022

This is it. As our new business coaching campaign – meant to promote all the stellar business coaching we offer through ONE University – simply states … It’s Go Time!


Technically speaking, a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth – loss of jobs and a loss of your net worth, not to mention the steep decline in the value of your assets. 

Technically speaking again, a depression is a longer-term, extended period of a recession. 

We’re not there yet, but why are talking technicalities? Our current economy has caused concern, pain and distress and just when we were feeling the relief from the COVID-19 pandemic. With concern, pain and distress comes a frenzy, fueled by ‘expert’ speculation and forecasts, a volatile stock market and media that just can’t help but stoke the fires. 

We start to watch people make emotional decisions based on fear, decisions later recognized as irrational. 

Let’s talk rational. Our history is filled with booms and busts and some just as swift and somewhat unforeseen as this latest which has us feeling like we’re tumbling around in a pinball machine. To avoid emotional decisions, we latch on to anyone or any organization who exudes calm, rational, consistent, steady behavior and mindset. 

To be that organization or person, you have to believe. Believe that this is a moment in time you were built for and believe that you ‘re destined to succeed, no matter the circumstance.


We’ve always been a real estate franchisor that puts the REALTOR® first through more commission, coaching, branding, support, a fun and loving COOLTURE – you name it, we have it. 

In this market, business coaching rises to the top. Because we coach our real estate pros to treat their careers as a business, with themselves as the CEO, we’re using this time to help our REALTOR(S) sharpen their skills, generate more leads, shred the fluff and get serious. 

It’s go time for sure. If you don’t have the right mindset, this market may swallow you. But if you wake up to win, align yourself with a brokerage that knows how to persist through any challenge and give yourself the benefit of business coaching, you’ll have no choice but to succeed.