Watching our world’s top athletes face off on the world’s biggest stage is so inspiring. But I think what’s most inspiring is knowing that they’ve faced years and even decades of challenges to be in Tokyo and watch their dreams come true.

We’ve all faced so many challenges in the last year and a half alone. The housing market not excluded, has been a challenge for many across our great nation. Whether you’ve been trying to buy a home when inventory has hit all-time lows, or you’ve been hoping to remodel when building supplies are scarce, it’s been tough. It’s important to remember that tough times never last but tough people do. …especially when we have each other!

Realty ONE Group real estate professionals are resilient and among the most ambitious and gritty in the industry. Now with good, healthy signs that overall inventory levels are creeping up, we know we’ll be able to help even more people. And that’s just what we do – opening doors around the world.