My family loves sports! We’ve been so fortunate to watch many games and matches in person which just adds to the excitement.

For sports fans like me, you know great teams that win championships are built, not bought. And that’s exactly how I feel about our Realty ONE Group family – it’s a network that’s been built by shared love, experience and care – all things that definitely can not be bought.

We have extraordinary times ahead of us. This real estate market presents both challenges and opportunities. I for ONE am ready for them all and I know our Realty ONE Group family is too because we’ve kicked it into high gear! 


The last couple of years in our business actually resemble the first couple of years after I started Realty ONE Group in 2005. The housing market and the economy in general were great! Then, the economy softened and that’s when Realty ONE Group’s growth exploded.

During this time, I was focused on immersing myself in the local REALTOR® community, engaging in as many open conversations as I could fit in a day, with as many professionals as possible. My goal was to stay connected to them and to real estate’s day-to-day. I asked lots of questions, listened and became a friend.

The result? Agents trusted me as a friend during a downturn and they volunteered intel on what they were hearing at other brokerages and what was making the difference in their success. Referrals started flooded in from everywhere as REALTORS® realized that our YOU-first focus is real.


We’re starting to see that again as more professionals learn about our Purpose, ‘Be Golden, Be You!’ mantra and our 6C’s and how they’re built into the fabric of our organization. Having a purpose that serves more than ONE’s self means so much to people. And belonging to a family that cares about your success in any market is the difference.

The market is shifting and we believe the timing couldn’t be better for more real estate professionals to join us! I don’t bet on frenzies. I bet on COOLTURE.